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We are a Commercial General Contracting Company with more than 15 years of experience from small renovations to large Commercial buildouts. As a General Contractor, we offer professional Estimates by experienced estimators willing to assist you step-by-step with your planning and budgeting stages. Fuller Contractors will provide you with a detailed schedule on every project. Additionally, we will help you find the best prices on your finish selections from our long time list of vendors.

Fuller Contractors is a general contracting company providing Consulting at any stage of your project. Above all, we work to protect your investment and to ensure that every trade involved is pricing and performing your project according to project scope and specifications.


A well-coordinated approach blending experience, innovation, efficiency, timely completion, and quality marks an exceptional commercial construction company. Fuller Contractors embodies these principles, helping clients bring their visions to life.

The Fuller team stands out for its commitment to sustainability, adaptability, strong vendor relationships, and safety. The rich blend of skilled professionals includes senior estimators, superintendents, field supervisors, and project coordinators. With over two decades of experience in construction, estimating and project management, they ensure that the client requirements are met.

Collaborations with national franchises like TruGreen and regional property owners such as Kimco Realty demonstrate its consistent capacity to handle complex projects within budget and time constraints.

Fuller’s general contracting services extend to in-house finishes, known as division nine finishes, for ceilings, floors, and walls. It maintains a relationship with MEPs, encompassing HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. During the COVID crisis, these ties with vendors and subcontractors proved invaluable. Fuller leveraged its connections to secure materials and offer options to clients when others were facing delays.

“Our success lies in teamwork, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We build not just structures but lasting relationships with our clients,” says Shawna Rodriguez, General Manager.

Client engagements facilitate tailored solutions in alignment with the needs of each project. New clients often request quotes for future projects. Fuller is adept at analyzing architectural and engineering drawings to identify areas for cost reduction. Whether proposing alternatives to electrical and plumbing fixtures or HVAC equipment, it provides value without compromising quality.

An example of a success story is a rescue mission it undertook for a client abandoned by its previous contractor. Fuller corrected mistakes and made necessary repairs, including adjustments to the plumbing and electrical work, putting the project back on track. The result was a satisfied client whose business continued to roll smoothly.

Fuller maintains a close-knit work environment, valuing employees as part of its small but dedicated team. Various benefits are offered to ensure they feel appreciated and are motivated to stay.

For customer collaboration and more accurate project estimates, Fuller leverages project management software like Wrike, combining it with the team’s experience in commercial construction to achieve time-efficient and budget-conscious solutions.

Emphasis is placed on sustainability, with Fuller working closely with subcontractors and product vendors to use recycled materials and protect the environment. It is committed to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of constructing new facilities.

“We build with an unwavering commitment to the environment, focusing on sustainable practices,” adds Benjamin Rodriguez, VP Commercial.

Safety is not an afterthought at Fuller. It is committed to compliance with OSHA regulations. Field supervisors are certified to meet safety requirements, including personal protective equipment (PPE), clothing, and correct equipment training. Through company-funded OSHA training, Fuller ensures the entire team is certified, adding an extra layer of protection.

Due to high demand. the Houston-based, family-oriented general contractor is extending its reach to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and the Texas Valley.

Fuller Contractors continues to lead with integrity, quality, and innovation, cementing its place as a premier commercial construction company. With experience, adaptability, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, it is poised to achieve new heights in the industry while nurturing its employees and a remaining mindful of the planet.


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I have used Fuller Contractors for multiple projects over the past year. Fuller Contractors have done an excellent job, from painting and drywall to carpentry, cabinets and electrical, these guys can handle anything. They were on-time, clean, fair priced and very professional, it’s great to know that there is an honest contracting company out there. I would definitely recommend Fuller Contractors for any of your construction needs.

Best Regards,

Jordan Naylor